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SEO Trends to Watch Out For in 2020 – Stay Ahead In Business

The fast-changing world of SEO cuts across all types of industries.  SEO influences all kinds of businesses in the way they disseminate information about their products and services. Gone are the days when SEO is only restricted to keywords…keywords…keywords.

The game has changed into communicating brand awareness and matching it to audience needs. So, let us look at the SEO trends in 2020.


Voice search is a speech recognition technology that allows a customer to have the ability to search the web with their voice.

Since the dawn of technology, users have been converting from desktop to mobile and the use of smart home devices, users are opting to voice search because this is the easier way.

Since more and more customers use smart home devices that would let them search the web by activating voice command, this is becoming a major trend for all types of home users due to the convivence it is giving them ditching the typing, scanning through up and down the page and so on.


Another SEO trend to look for in 2020 is what we call Visual search. It is a web search using images instead of text. Companies such as Pinterest, Google, Bing, and Amazon use visual search extensively in their platforms. These companies have developed smart image search technology based on photos taken by your own camera. By allowing shoppers to snap a photo of an item they like in a shop, and find that same item on other stores easily.


A location-based ranking, which promotes your business to local customers.

It is beneficial for small businesses that promote their products to local buyers. The way they gather information for local search is that search engines rely on signals like local content, links, and social profile pages.

So, if your target market is local buyers, you may want to optimize your business for local search, otherwise, there is a great chance that you might be missing out on a big percentage of your potential customers. And if you want your business to stay on top and be relevant, look into local SEO now.


Video Marketing is now becoming an essential tool in any business when used correctly, this can be a very efficient way to spread brand awareness.

Let’s all admit. With the busy schedule, we no longer have time to read lengthy blog posts. And this is where a video would take its place in the game because adding videos to your content maximises engagement.

Now that you have a quick guide on what is trending in SEO this 2020, you can define the most efficient SEO strategy that is best suitable for your business’s need while taking into consideration these 2020 SEO trends.

 As we all know, 75% of internet users visit only the first page of a search when looking for something. Staying on top will be very difficult but knowing your market, your consumer’s needs and staying ahead of the game, staying on top of the search result will be very easy.

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