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All-in-one Solutions

Tailored Technology

At Uniq Artworks, we offer tailored all-in-one technology solutions that are specifically designed for your business growth and profitability. For us every business is unique!

In-House Expertise

Advanced Skills

Uniq Artworks is proud of its in-house team of professional, creative and highly experienced technology enthusiasts. Our outstanding team delivers exceptional results every time.


Interactive Agency

As an experienced design and development agency, we are focused on the client’s needs. We actively interact with our clients to deliver products that exceed their expectations.

Know About Our Brilliant Management Team

Our Creative Tech Geeks

Meet the people who make us feel, “I can’t wait for Monday!”

Majid Karimzadeh
Founder & CEO

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Himani Juneja
Technical Lead

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Marcus Phellipe
Head of Design

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Francesca Marcelino
Project Manager

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Why Choose Us?

Uniq Artworks as Your Digital Partner

Leading Technology Company

Uniq Artworks is an end-to-end web and app design and development company. We help individuals, businesses and entrepreneurs in developing brilliant yet practical products that resolve their problems, attract and engage customers and bring profitability to their business.

Our creative and skilled technology team uses innovative technology and advanced skills to deliver exceptional products focused on increasing your business ROI.


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