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Why Us?

Native & Hybrid Mobile App Experts

User Centred Design

Uniq Artworks offers expert app design and development for both Android and iOS platforms. We have years of experience and an expert team with in-depth knowledge of the user journey and user experience to design compelling, functional and high-end apps.

Engineered to Perfection

Our unique app design and development processes ensure that we deliver exceptional products. Our apps give you measurable business value within your time-frame and on budget. We keep you engaged at every step of the process and make it as seamless as possible.

Go-to-Market Strategy

At Uniq Artworks, we develop a go-to-market strategy to identify your customers and create personas. We develop a value matrix with a unique strategy for each persona. After a thorough understanding of the buyer’s journey, we choose a suitable sales strategy, generate interest and optimize.

Here is how it works

Our App Development Process

Step 1

Discovery Session

During the initial discovery phase, we carry out intense experimentation. From discussing your idea to designing a prototype, we repeatedly experiment until we find something that works best for your business goals. Our expert team defines metrics that we use throughout the project to give directions to our decisions. This ensures the final results deliver a positive ROI.

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Step 2

UX Design

After intensive discovery sessions, we work on the UX design framework of your mobile app. Our UX experts ensure your app’s design is consistent with the image of your brand with the existing color scheme, graphics, and fonts of the company.

However, if you wish to redefine your company’s image or want to develop a uniquely designed stand-alone app, our experts can create impressive and compelling designs that resonate with your brand’s identity.

Step 3

Visual Design

After we have set the metrics, we proceed to the product designing phase. In this phase, our experienced and knowledgeable professionals use their knowledge of advanced technologies to develop wireframes and product prototypes.

We give final finishing and polishing to each detail. Along with it, we perform testing and reiteration but at a smaller scale. From this stage of visual and user-experience designing, we quickly transition to final detailing.

Visual Design
Web Development
Step 4


By this stage, our expert and experienced team of professionals has set precise and clear specifications with the approval of a detailed product prototype. We have resolved all issues by this stage. Using state-of-the-art native coding technologies, we develop your product within a specified deadline and on-budget. We develop measurable and scalable products to support your future growth.

Step 5

QA & Testing

Our QA and testing professionals perform intensive testing of the mobile app to test its usability. We observe the problems and complexities users may encounter while using the app. This helps us to deliver effective, efficient and high-performing mobile app solutions.

With our QA and testing services, we identify the glitches in the design and development, make the required changes and again collect feedback of app users. This helps us improve the overall user experience and performance of your mobile app.

QA Testing
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Step 6

Deploy & Launch

Deployment and launch is the final stage after we have thoroughly tested your mobile app. The deployment of the mobile app requires proper planning, scheduling, and control of the release movements as well as live environments. Our experts ensure your mobile app is launched with correct and tested components at the right time.

Step 7

Track & Analyse

Our work does not end with the deployment and launch of your mobile app solution. Our data experts capture the precise real-time user metrics to help you determine how your app is performing in the market. With the help of our data experts, we gather and analyze the data of app users.

Our data analysts pay attention to those analytics and KPIs that are crucial for achieving success in your marketing objectives. By using real-time data and metrics from app users, we improve your mobile app, making it better in terms of usability and function, for better outcomes for your business.

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